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What to consider before joining a gym

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What to consider before joining a gym

What to consider before joining a gym

Before you commit to a gym it is important to consider if the facility is the right one for you! The following are a few points that everyone should think about. 

At Planet Health Club we offer free inductions so you can view the gym before joining, try it out and see how you like it. We are confident you will love it but it's no harm to go see!


1.Do the instructors know what they are doing?

We have fully qualified fitness instructors with excellent experience, ask existing members or pop in to say hello and see. Not only do the staff at Planet Helath Club know what they are doing, they are excellent motivators, will push you to achieve results and are also friendly helpful people. Time and time again our members mention the lovely staff. It is a feel-good atmosphere where everyone is welcome!

2. Is there enough Space?

The gyms in Limerick, Cork and Galway have a wide variety of machines and many of them. You don't feel squashed or that there is no room to move. It's spacious and even though it can be busy you don't have to worry about waiting in line to use a certain machine. As well as the gym space there are free weight rooms and fitness class rooms.

3. Is there parking? 

We offer plentiful free parking! It is such an advantage not having to worry about finding a space, buying a parking ticket or walking far to your car!

4. What do the current members love about the gym?

You can check out the reviews on our Facebook page to see what our members think. The reviews that are most common mention the excellence of the staff and the wide range of facilities for the price! The swimming pool is a massive bonus that is included in the monthly fee and members love it!  

5. Is it good value for money?

For the range of facilities, the classes available, the parking and the membership options the price is excellent value. If you are a student or join as a couple you get even cheaper rate!! 


Pop into us or give us a call or email to arrange a view of the gym we are more than happy to ansswer any queries you have! There has never been a better time to join!